Common Issues

Igloo.theme returns 404

This is mostly because the package has been installed directly on the live or dev environment on Umbraco cloud (where changes to web.config is not commited to git) or a merge of Web.Config has removed a setting in the Web.Config file.

To fix this just add this line of code to your handlers section in your Web.config.

<add name="IglooThemeHandler" path="igloo.theme" verb="*" type="Igloo.Resolvers.ThemeResolver, Igloo" resourceType="Unspecified" preCondition="integratedMode" />

500 Error on installation

Make sure you have Umbraco Forms installed and have no previous installation of Igloo.

Can't upload SVG file

Open umbracoSettings.config and remove svg from <disallowedUploadFiles>

Map is not showing

To get the map working you first need a Google maps API key. Once you have your key go to the Settings -> General node and paste it in the input under the Advanced tab.

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