1. Install Umbraco CMS

For more help on how to install Umbraco see Umbraco documentation.
If you want to use Umbraco Cloud simply follow the steps after choosing a plan.


Igloo have an dependency on Umbraco Forms, so on local or your own server installtions make sure Umbraco Forms is installed before installing the Igloo package.

2. Install Igloo package

The installation is a standard Umbraco package installation. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Umbraco site and go to the Developer section.
  2. Click Packages
  3. Click Install local
  4. Drag in the Igloo package zip file
  5. Accept terms of use and click Install Package

3. Activate License

To activate your license put the Igloo.key file in the root folder of your site and restart the site.

Igloo 2.0 Beta (Umbraco 8.2+)

Once you have installed the package you need to create the following node structure.